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Faced with a rapidly changing business landscape, more and more organizations are investing in Financial Management Systems (FMS) to provide robust financial foundations from which to navigate our digital global economy. Powerful yet flexible, Infor SunSystems FMS is helping businesses to do just this, meeting the finance needs of today while evolving to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond.

Infor SunSystems brings together multiple business functions and processes within a single centralized solution, spanning financial management, purchasing, sales and inventory management. It turns the huge amounts of data that businesses are dealing with on a daily basis into real actionable insight. What this means for Infor SunSystems customers is increased visibility, control and agility, providing that all-important advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Business benefits

By bringing these vital business processes together, Infor SunSystems provides fast, direct access to finance data from across the business. There’s no more waiting for reports or lengthy reconciliations as all information is held in one place. A single source of data not only increases data accuracy, but provides time and cost savings right across the business. It’s this access to precise, comprehensive and timely data that puts decision-makers firmly in the driving seat, optimizing performance and maximizing profits. In turn, this increases business agility and creates a more dynamic business that can exploit its own growth potential.

Reporting can be streamlined to provide the right information, in the right format, to the right people, evolving in-line with ever-changing business needs. Infor SunSystems integrates with any number of systems. It amalgamates information to fulfill statutory and management reporting requirements, delivering key data where it’s needed most. The ability to drill back down into reports ensures increased transparency, delivering actionable insight to optimize business performance. This means that it’s possible to understand how the business is performing in real-time, providing the information and insight needed to better manage the business at every step of the way.

Perfect planning

The financial insight that Infor SunSystems generates is put to good use for effective, efficient budgeting and planning. The ability to streamline, consolidate and analyze information from a variety of sources, presenting this as real-time business insight, simplifies budgeting, planning and forecasting. As a result, it reduces financial planning time by up to 70%. Advanced reporting functionality delivers financial and operational KPIs direct to managers, with increased data confidence boosting decision-making further still.

Firmly in control

Infor SunSystems manages a whole host of purchasing functions. It increases control and oversight over procurement while empowering employees to manage their own purchasing requirements within the confines of predefined rules and workflows. This makes for significant efficiency savings for the finance department in particular. It decentralizes purchasing responsibilities and frees up finance staff to focus on more value-adding activities.

Providing complete control over sales and inventory, Infor SunSystems enables you to configure your order processes and sequence your transactions in whichever way best suits your business. It increases visibility over inventory and provides seamless integration with the wider supply chain. The rigid monolithic systems of old simply weren’t this flexible. Infor SunSystems provides new depths of flexibility and adaptability, enabling your business to implement a solution that’s tailored to suit its specific business needs.

Built for growth

Unlike some legacy systems and software, Infor SunSystems won’t stifle your business growth. Its ability to grow and adapt alongside your business is just one of the reasons why it’s such a popular solution with growing businesses. Infor SunSystems evolves with your changing requirements, with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities as standard, as well as the ability to handle any local tax and regulatory requirements that change as your business enters new markets and territories. Infor SunSystems is built to help you compete globally, keeping pace with your business rather than holding it back.

SunSystems is quick to deploy, with on-premise and cloud options available to suit your particular business needs. It’s intuitive, too, making it possible for users to hit the ground running from day one. With Infor SunSystems, businesses are investing in a long-term FMS which provides effective, integrated financial management through a single, intuitive solution. The unprecedented levels of financial visibility, control and agility that Infor SunSystems provides are putting businesses well ahead of the pack. It's building strong financial foundations upon which organizations can develop further, fulfilling their growth potential and turning a very healthy profit.

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