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Heralded as the next generation of analytics, the much discussed SAP HANA platform is being put to good use by businesses across the world, unlocking the potential of big data and delivering unprecedented insight to businesses of all shapes and sizes across many different industries. With some reports suggesting that only 1% of today’s data is being turned into business benefits, SAP HANA’s ability to capture and analyse large amounts of information across a whole host of business applications, turning raw data into valuable business insight in real-time, means that it holds the key to transforming how businesses use their data, drastically improving performance and making a real, tangible difference to their bottom line.


What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an innovative, in-memory computing platform which facilitates the processing of large amounts of data in super-fast time. In very simple terms, it’s a new type of database, albeit one that runs faster, capturing data from right across the business and delivering real-time analytics for unprecedented levels of actionable business insight and improved decision-making.


Who is SAP HANA for?

SAP HANA isn’t just for big businesses. It’s all-encompassing, helping SMEs to innovate and grow while cutting down on IT complexity, dramatically improving the responsiveness of all business functions. Reports that previously took days or hours to run and compile can be carried out in minutes or even seconds, with up to 2,000 times faster intercompany reconciliations and 100 times faster query performance. SAP HANA is for any business that has huge amounts of data to deal with, which, in our global digital economy, is pretty much every business there is. Ultimately, SAP HANA is the optimum way of making the most of big data, taking the data and analysing it to uncover and exploit business opportunities, improving business processes and reducing IT complexity, all of which help to grow profits and maintain competitive advantage.


Why choose SAP HANA?

SAP HANA runs 3600 times faster than traditional SQL platforms, speeding-up data analysis considerably and enabling users to process millions of records in seconds, which in turn makes for faster decision-making based on real-time business insight. Add to this SAP HANA’s ability to quickly and easily create ad-hoc views without the user needing to know where the data sits and you can see why it’s proving so popular with growing businesses who perhaps don’t have massive data analysis resources in-house. Its ease of use makes it an even more useful solution, as there’s no need for any data preparation, or pre-aggregates or tuning, meaning that for many organisations it’s a significant reduction in complexity for a more valuable outcome.

The level of insight provided by SAP HANA is second to none. Interactive analysis tools such as simulation and pattern recognition mean that users can uncover trends, predict behaviours and anticipate outcomes more precisely than ever before. Be it calculating cash forecasts, forecasting sales figures or predicting required equipment maintenance, SAP HANA affords an organisation a full vision of the future for the business. It’s only with this kind of foresight that businesses are able to make proactive decisions, implementing future-proof business plans and staying one step ahead of the competition.


The Intelligent Enterprise

When it comes to future-proofing your business, SAP HANA has a key role to play. One of the core components of the next generation of Intelligent Enterprises, SAP HANA’s advanced data management capabilities enable businesses to use their own databases to power applications, successfully managing data warehousing and carrying out advanced analytics with ease. Ultimately, this streamlines your data processing, analysing data instantaneously to uncover previously hidden insight, working hand-in-hand with a robust data management strategy, again one of the pivotal parts of any Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP HANA furnishes a business with real time visibility of the entire organisation, integrating all data to build a comprehensive view of the whole business, something that’s nigh on impossible to achieve via other methods. It provides maximum visibility of the organisation at all times and without delay - the only way to ensure that decisions are intelligent and informed, based on hard facts and precise figures. With SAP HANA at the heart of business, decision-makers can instil both speed and accuracy in the decision-making process throughout the business, helping to solve even the most complex of business problems while laying the robust foundations for future business growth.

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