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Sarah Walker talks us through the many benefits of SAP Business One Version 9.3

Following a successful early adopter scheme, involving over 240 customers from across the globe, 2018 has seen the full release of SAP Business One Version 9.3. Featuring more than 40 new functions, tools and benefits, this latest version of SAP’s market-leading business management software, designed specifically for SMEs, provides optimal levels of performance, increased usability, enhanced security and GDPR compliance. New features have been added across the solution, spanning administration, sales, purchasing, service, production, inventory, distribution, financial management and business intelligence. So, what are the key features to look out for and, more importantly, how can they help your business?


In line with new regulations, enhanced categorisation, security and analytics functionality provides access to a centralised place to categorise which data is personal, as well as tracking and logging controls to record read-access by a user to specific predefined sensitive personal data. In support of the “right to be forgotten”, authorised users are able to erase selected personal data, provided this action is not in conflict with other legislation.

Authorisation Simplification

Saving time and enhancing the management of user authorisations, new functionality allows individual users within the user group to have further refined validity dates.

Enhanced administration functionality

Just one of several new additions to the admin module tools that enable users to quickly and easily import data from Excel, whether financial balances or journal entries, mean that users will no longer need to have Data Transfer Workbench skills to do this saving time and boosting efficiencies. New approval procedures guarantee that users are viewing the most up-to-date version of a document with the added capability to edit or even cancel documents.

Improved sales, purchasing and service

Increased functionality for the Return Material Authorisation (RMA) process gives users the ability to track the status of draft RMA’s and handle returned goods, according to serial number or batch, increasing transparency while minimising the cost of processing returns and avoiding inventory errors.

Gross Price Tool

A redesign of the Gross Price tool means that gross or net prices or price lists can be used in documents to streamline pricing calculations, deliver more accurate pricing for lower value items.


Streamlined CRM processes are now more user-friendly and more accessible than ever, leading to not only increased usability but an increase in productivity too. Activities can be assigned to multiple users, reducing administration and increasing efficiency.

Campaign Management

A campaign management update allows better authorisation of the generation and execution of campaigns, facilitating greater control over the way in which they are implemented. More granular analysis criteria and financials allows more detailed analysis of campaign success, while enhanced campaigns list capabilities enable filtering by linked documents to exercise greater precision.

Blanket Agreements

Determining the applicable exchange rates, delivery terms and associating a blanket agreement with a project provides greater controls over the application of the contract in documents. This version also provides increased flexibility enabling the user to adjust contract terms, rates, and quantities throughout the life of the contract.

Project Billing

A new billing document generation wizard collects open document lines and billable items connected to a project for invoicing, giving users a holistic, detailed overview of a project, increasing transparency and productivity, and streamlining billing.

Payment Engine – Scheduling Behind Scenes

Smoother and faster execution of payments and creation of bank files are achievable through the advanced payment engine. An integrated bank file is created when Electronic File Manager designed documents are linked to the payment method in payment wizard, creating more streamlined, intuitive experience.

Project Management Control

SAP Business One Version 9.3 features a series of enhancements to the Project Management Module too. For a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of individual projects, this new version gives users a Gantt Chart and an holistic view of projects, providing insight not only into different stages of the project, but also the ability to drill down and analyse project-specific information for increased control and efficiency. Additional billing wizard tools also help to simplify the billing process, be it standard or milestone billing.

Production and Inventory Efficiency

When it comes to production and inventory, efficiency savings are the top priority for Version 9.3. Manufacturing process efficiency is greatly enhanced via new production routing functions that result in a defined sequence of stages. For those business with light production requirements, this is a real bonus in terms of operational productivity, as well as providing further insight into demand planning. New Unit of Measure tools help increase warehouse efficiency too, with all the associated benefits this brings.

Best-in-Class Financials

The General Ledger Account Determination Matrix has been updated to increase flexibility with the ability to use five user-defined fields to align with business criteria.

Accessible, Built-in Business Intelligence

A whole host of business intelligence tools in the SAP HANA version of SAP Business One can take your analytics functionality to the next level. And, for optimum levels of efficiency and accessibility, the addition of several new cockpit templates and a new analytics portal means that users can run and schedule reports without having to log in to the solution.

With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why this new version of SAP Business One will provide the most comprehensive business management solution for organisations of all sizes, increasing operational efficiency and providing new levels of insight to underpin improved performance across the board.

For more information on how Sapphire can help your business make the most of SAP Business One Version 9.3, contact us

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