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When the Mondaine and Luminox brands were unified under the Lumondi umbrella, the elite watch distributor needed to consolidate its two legacy ERP systems, neither of which could support its vision for the business. Now with SAP Business One, Lumondi has all the tools it needs to pursue an ambitious, multi-channel growth trajectory.

Flexible ad hoc reporting and interactive analyses to inform decision-making

Integration with Shopify e-commerce platform for seamless data exchange

EDI integration with department stores to eliminate manual order processes


To provide EDI integration as the prerequisite for doing business with department stores, and to enable seamless integration with Lumondi’s Shopify e-commerce platform.


SAP Business One


Based in New York, NY, Lumondi, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of Luminox Swiss watches and timepieces, which are designed for elite professionals in the military (such as Navy SEALs), law enforcement and motor sports, as well as divers and astronauts. The company serves customers in the US and internationally through a network of distributors and authorised retailers.

Why SAP Business One?

Lumondi and Mondaine were two separate brands and entities until 2017, when they were unified in order to focus on growing the combined business. As Victoria Schweistein, Lumondi’s Supply Chain Logistics Manager explains, “That left us with a legacy of two different ERP systems, neither of which could support our vision for the business. We were looking to establish an e-commerce channel, while continuing to grow our two existing channels: department stores – for which EDI integration is practically a pre-requisite to doing business – and independent retailers, which are serviced through our team of sales reps.”

“We explored various accounting and business management solutions, but none provided the right fit – we wanted to be able to manage our inventory through a single system without a raft of add-ons. Our head office in Switzerland was running the full SAP business suite, and we liked the idea of being under the same umbrella, so we chose SAP Business One on HANA which was right-sized for our operations. Based on recommendations, we chose Sapphire as our partner for the implementation and migration of data from our existing systems. Sapphire understood our business processes, and were very accommodating, so we didn’t have to distort our existing operations – we just had to go through a little change to get to a steady state,” adds Victoria.

The Benefits

Without an integrated ERP solution, the generation of a bill of materials can be complex and error-prone due to the challenges associated with manual processes and in-house legacy systems. As Victoria observes, “SAP Business One generates a BOM for all our products, both the watches themselves and the manuals that form part of the package. Now we can manage inventory, track and record movements and easily check availability of stock, which is a huge plus. As we don’t have our own warehouse, we’re currently figuring out how to use SAP Business One to streamline interactions with our third-party logistics provider and eliminate the need to perform an external reconciliation at the end of every month.”

Another key requirement was the ability to exchange business documents in a standard electronic format with department stores. “Now we’re integrated with EDI on both ends, so we receive orders electronically from customers and send orders to the warehouse via EDI, which eliminates a lot of manual work,” says Victoria. “We also have a seamless integration between our Shopify e-commerce platform and SAP Business One, for efficient, real-time data exchange. That gives us all the information we need in one place, makes it easy to manage sales orders, and saves a lot of time and resources so we can focus on customer satisfaction. Our next aim is to integrate Amazon Seller Central in the same way.”

One of SAP Business One HANA’s most notable strengths is its ability to turn data into knowledge. According to Victoria, “We have all our basic reports, and we’re able to access the HANA database to create our own ad hoc reports and interactive analyses. We still haven’t had time to explore all the capabilities and options, but we aim to use the data to inform planning and business decisions going forward. We also intend to use automated approvals, to help improve our control over the business, and we’re eventually looking to monitor performance KPIs through dashboards. SAP Business One is a bigger tool than we’re used to, so we’ve barely scratched the surface! However, we’re looking to sustain our growth trajectory in the US by taking advantage of new channels, and now we have an ERP solution that allows straightforward integrations and flexible add-ons, so it will grow with us.”

Working with Sapphire

Victoria’s recommendation to anyone undertaking a similar journey is twofold: “firstly, you need to understand how powerful SAP Business One is, and all the options it offers; and secondly, if you have a thorough grasp of your own processes, you can really mold the software to your specific needs. You can do just about anything with SAP Business One: as long as you communicate with your partner, the software’s possibilities are limitless.”

“Sapphire are very approachable, helpful and I personally really enjoying working with them as we speak the same language. End users don’t always have this fluency, but we included training in the initial scope and Sapphire delivered a “train the trainer” program. If we have any queries or requests, the Sapphire team has all the patience in the world and just gets the job done,” concludes Victoria.

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