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All Classic Parts has been operating in the vintage automobile industry for over 30 years and is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of classic Mustang restoration parts worldwide. Following the success of the classic Mustang parts line, the company now also offers a variety of parts for Broncos, Fairlanes, Thunderbirds and other car brands. 

Improved system performance and speed

Customised, in-depth reporting power

Access to more sales reports and purchasing power

Scalable system to grow with the company


To update the company’s basic legacy accounting system to improve functionality and reporting. 


SAP Business One

Why SAP Business One?

As a small family business, All Classic Parts had been utilising the same basic accounting system for years. Although this had initially been a good fit for the business, the company’s Sales Manager, Stephen Chu, was beginning to find the software simply couldn’t keep up with requirements.

“Our primary reason to consider a new system was for the reporting power. The previous system was very simple, but you couldn’t customize it easily and there weren’t enough fields to perform all the data mining required.

“Personally I required access to more sales reports, purchasing power and reporting power,” Stephen said. In the search for software, Stephen didn’t consider many systems, as he was confident SAP Business One was the best fit.

“After looking at demos, SAP Business One just seemed to suit exactly what we needed. Although it was a little over our budget, it is scalable and can expand to meet all our future needs,” said Stephen.

Although the system has only been up and running for a month, Stephen is confident the benefits are already starting to show.

“The system performs much faster than the previous one, and I know the reporting power is there, now I need to get the basics set up, such as the custom reporting I require.

“As you would expect it takes time to get used to a new system, especially one which is more intricate than what people are used to, but it will be worth it, the reporting will be very beneficial,” he said.

Implementation was completed quickly, and Stephen was able to draw on his previous experience to ensure everything went smoothly from his company’s side.

“The most important thing I have learnt is to be prepared in terms of data and what you require, it’s essential to pre-plan that before the system build begins.

“I also definitely recommend that if your company is still doing things the old way you should strongly consider a new system, as it will be a big help.

“I have just had that conversation with our overseas manufacturers and they will also be looking into implementing SAP Business One for their manufacturing and production efforts,” Stephen said.

Why Sapphire?

After establishing a need for SAP Business One, Stephen conducted a web search for the best gold level partners in the California area. As part of this research he encountered Sapphire Systems, and was impressed by the response from Sapphire compared to other partners.

“I contacted the top three partners, and would have considered any of those three initially, but it was the immediate service I received from Sapphire that really made my mind up.

“The Sales Director called me back promptly to discuss my requirements, whereas the other companies either didn’t reply, or wouldn’t visit. There was just no communication, and that kind of bad service was not a good first impression,” Stephen said.

After selecting Sapphire, Stephen found this good service continued throughout the project.

“I’ve been very impressed, everything’s going well and as expected. All the guys on the team have done a great job and I’m very pleased with the service, knowledge and support, even after hours. The organisation has been very smooth, and the consultants respond promptly if there is anything I can’t figure out.

“We have also integrated SAP Business One with all the basics like UPS, Boyum and Credit Card Processing, but the good thing about this system is you can actually avoid the need to integrate anything, because it is incorporated within the software,” Stephen concluded.

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