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The manufacturing business now have greater control and since implementing Infor EAM they have the visibility to track operational effectiveness and improve in real-time.

Improved maintenance control

20% reduction in reactive maintenance

Project and performance visibility

Track workload and enhance productivity


Improve operational effectiveness by increasing the availability of equipment and improving maintenance control.


Infor EAM 

Background to the case

Before meeting with Sapphire, the manufacturing business had already implemented Infor EAM with another partner. The company remained with their original partner for a year as they had already been contracted for purchasing the software and services.

The Maintenance Planning Manager, who was brought on board to oversee the day-to-day use and management of the software within the business, mentioned he became aware of Sapphire from other departments in the business. “As a company we had already been speaking to Sapphire regarding a number of other projects that we were looking into.” It was at this point, the team at Sapphire reached out to the manufacturing company to see whether they could help and if there was a possibility of transferring the support over.

Sapphire as a partner

After initial conversations, Sapphire’s consultants met with the team to understand their business and to talk through options. “We got more from a development point of view out of that one day with Sapphire’s consultants than from our previous partner over the last twelve months. It was at that point we decided we would change the contract over to Sapphire,” said the Maintenance Planning Manager. 

Choosing Sapphire came down to a number of reasons one of which was based on first impressions. “Sapphire were responsive, supportive, open minded and came with ideas. The outlook of Sapphire is much more open and willing to share.” The planning manager mentioned how easy it is to deal with Sapphire and has direct contacts in case of any problems which are always resolved very quickly. He highlighted that this is one of the most noticeable changes since moving over to Sapphire for support. 

Benefits of Infor EAM 

The Infor EAM application provides visibility over asset maintenance and performance; offering business insights based on data trends and performance forecasts. Since implementation, the system has given the manufacturing business significantly more control over their maintenance activities on site. The Maintenance Planning Manager mentioned, “we have significantly improved our maintenance effectiveness and reactive maintenance has been reduced from over 50% to around 30% in just 18 months.”

He continued to say, “we now have a very robust planned preventative maintenance programme. We previously relied on a paper based system which was quite tedious to maintain and did not lend itself to detailed data collection and analysis. We now have the ability to trend the data and easily spot improvement opportunities.”

To add, Infor EAM has helped to have all their purchase requests in one place. With detailed cost summaries available, the business can carry out cost evaluations much more quickly and easily. Also, the system provides clear visibility of engineering resource and utilisation.  “We are able to plan our resource much more effectively than before,” said the planning manager. 

“We have recently completed some user-defined modifications to the system and now we have our meeting and project actions tracked, via the system, as work orders. This means we can now review our overall workload to include these tasks too.” 

Next steps 

The manufacturing business are looking at integrating Infor EAM with other systems. They have relatively new document management and contract management systems. To develop their operations and flow of information across the business, the company is assessing how they can integrate this together with the existing software’s functionality.

 Overall, the Maintenance Planning Manager concluded he is “delighted with the services and support received from Sapphire. Our implementation and development phases of the project have been accelerated since the change of service provider.” 

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