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“What’s the cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we in the cloud now?” – this moment brought to us by Amy Poehler in the form of a Super Bowl commercial is actually a great showcase of where our understanding of cloud technology was back in 2013. Six years later, we find ourselves in a very different place, now seeing the full power of the cloud but still with some hesitation to make the switch. The truth is that the cloud and its infinite ability to connect us 24/7 is here to stay, and with each passing day that the transition is delayed, the only thing companies that resist are accomplishing is letting the competition get dangerously ahead of the game. 


Cloud Technology, Breaker of Chains

In today’s global landscape, the reality is that cloud computing has become the key to unlocking a path to do things differently, faster, and better than before. Whereas before we were tied down to physical hard drives and data storage units with gigantic infrastructures, the cloud has cut the leash to let us roam free to do business from anywhere, any time. Executives, managers and employees can now step in to fix crises from the comfort of their home or while away on a business trip if needed, doctors can access patients’ files across geographic boundaries, and the entire supply chain process is now connected. This is just to name a few examples of changes that have been made possible thanks to the use of the cloud in all industries. With this level of flexibility, data is truly just a click away. 

In this same vein, decentralization has been one of the biggest and best byproducts of cloud technology, because now not only are we not physically bound to a single access point for data, but we’ve also been able to crack the risk management issue by hosting different elements of data separately. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers or security breaches to affect companies or customers too deeply.


A New Way to Problem-Solve 

The true legacy of legacy systems can be summarized in one word: boundaries. Companies that have been established for years are struggling to imagine a new way to do things, mostly because they are confined to how they’ve been allowed to do it until now. Cloud computing for enterprises is not just a solution, but a cure for so many issues that companies have complained about for years: 

  • Scalability and sustainability: business growth should always be great news, but for years it came with the headache of how to adapt to the new needs of a growing customer base. Increased pressure on the system caused by the data storage size needing to accommodate the increase in information, amount of user profiles required to manage the business, etc. could stunt business growth. Thanks to the cloud, this is no more. Cloud computing allows for unrestrained scalability, no matter how big your business gets. Feel free to succeed beyond your managed offering, and do so proudly.
  • Data safety and security: the only way to successfully reach your business goals is to have peace of mind that your existing business data is not in jeopardy. Being able to guarantee the safety of your prospects’ information and data safety is a priceless ability, and these days, a basic requirement. Contrary to popular belief, data is now safer in the cloud (regardless if public or private) than in conventional on-premise servers where it can be stolen or permanently lost. Also, information is safer from human error, power outages, or misplaced equipment.
  • Support: gone are the days where you had to wait for a technician to make their way to you to solve technical issues, and only during regular business hours. With cloud computing (provided by the right party) you can count on 24/7 IT support that is reliable, immediate, and effective. In an instant-gratification digital economy, this is a must-have in order to keep your customers happy when system problems arise.
  • Costs: hardware maintenance and upgrades? Needed patchwork or fixes? Customization work required for integrations? Single-user profiles? No one has the time or resources in-house for any of this. Cloud costs are dramatically reduced in the areas of investment, and the potential for costs associated with emergencies are virtually non-existent. Compare ongoing costs and you’ll see the difference for yourself.


The Intelligent Economy 

Opening and closing bank accounts through a mobile app, applying for an insurance policy online, requesting custom-made clothing, keeping inventory of food (for freshness, needed restocks, etc.), and being able to anticipate surges in needs and having the appropriate supply for that demand? All of this and so much more is a reality today due to many technologies that are brought together through connectivity and made possible by the cloud. Next year will be a turning point for businesses around the world, many of which have committed to delivering a “2020 vision” of value for a world that makes working and living easier than ever before. 

We’re about to enter an era where every company will offer one-click options to complete secure logins, account checks, transactions, etc. and the businesses that are not on this level will simply not survive. The next decade will be the climax of Industry 4.0, and cloud computing is the centerpiece that holds it all together. The intelligent economy will be a way of life, powered by the cloud. 

If you’re ready to ride this next wave of innovation with state-of-the-art cybersecurity, an end-to-end managed service, and the freedom and flexibility to oversee and manage your business regardless of time or place, then cloud computing is the way to go. Our team of experts at Sapphire Systems can get you there. We want to help you take your business forward faster, and we have the best solutions and process to do so. Take a look at the Sapphire difference, and contact us to find out more about what we can do to help your business join the era of the intelligent economy, now. 

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