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It is often said that we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. 

The cubicles all have a plastic pumpkin-shaped basket full of candy. Employees around the office are discussing what costumes they will wear to the office on the 31st. Everyone is making plans for the weekend, and some will go to the movies in search of thrilling productions to enjoy a bit of a scare. 

“I just love to feel scared!” said Karen, from finance. Rodrigo from HR echoed her feelings “I know exactly what you mean, there’s nothing like a good jolt of fear to make you feel alive.”

Robert, the famous IT guy, just sat quietly in his cubicle – with a smile on his face. 

On the morning of October 31st, employees walked into the office cheerfully, donning an array of animal ears, capes, fake fangs, and many more traditional costumes. Robert called in sick. 

As everyone gets to their cubicles and power up their computers, something has changed. It’s oddly familiar, but it’s definitely not what should be coming up on the screen. The newer employees that have been recently hired are not quite sure what’s going on, but the long-time teams are certain they’ve seen the image on their screens before. 

Uh oh. 

The current software platform seems to have reverted, and the company seems to have taken a step back in time and the old management system is back. 


Endless data

As employees scramble to figure out how to get the system back to normal, they also have a workload ahead of them like any other day, so they decide to try and work with what they have. As they try to access their work files, they’re realizing that the system is moving really slowly, and there seem to be more files and systems running than usual. The reality is setting in. Everything that had been fixed, modified or organized during the company’s digital transformation process is back to its previous state, and it’s going to be a long day ahead.

When the company transitioned to SAP Business One for their ERP needs, they had run the Master Data Cleanup wizard, a functionality that cleans up old cost centers, project codes, procedures, etc. that were no longer in use. It seems like all of that data is back, uncategorized, and slowing down the entire network. 



With the amount of new accounts that had been acquired during Q3, all of the departments had been in constant communication, without using e-mails or scheduling long phone calls. The automated workflows on the backend were doing a lot of the conversions between the sales and services teams, and most of the rule-based tasks were taken care of; however, it seems that today all of that automation is gone, and it’s up to the employees to manually insert a lot of data, which is making the managers concerned about the time they will have to allocate towards checking records and quality control, and the inevitable mistakes that will be made and might not be caught properly due to human error. All the departments are keeping to themselves, ensuring their part of the process is done properly so that if there’s any issue, it can’t be blamed on them. “Welcome back to silos-ween” said Daniel from his cubicle. 


Cloudy with a chance of… 

No cloud. All the employees that work from home are completely shut out of the system. They’re e-mailing Robert for IT support, but his automatic “out of office” response seems to be the only thing working properly at the company today. The salesforce out in the field is unable to access the platform to run a demo with their prospects. Samantha, the regional president is away on a business trip, and her assistant is scrambling to put together a report for the global results meeting later in the afternoon. The only way to get the most basic information is by e-mailing every line of business director and ask for their numbers, which they themselves have to calculate on the fly. Whatever information is populating on the system is not updated, and it’s localized to the respective departments. There’s no way to share or have visibility into any other LoB or region without external communication. 


Out of sight, out of insights

The final straw that made everyone panic: October 31st is the last day to place all the orders and finalize the plan for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that the company will be offering. The company counts on intelligent insights that take into account historical data in order to predict and meet demand. Of course, with no real-time access to the system, there’s no chance to run the scenarios to be able to accurately predict what will need to be ordered, running the risk of ending up with a lot of overstock inventory, or not having enough to satisfy the demand. 


It was all a daydream

Fortunately for this company, this entire frantic day was just a figment of Robert’s imagination, who sat with a smile in his cubicle thinking of things that would truly scare his coworkers. The crazy thing is, many companies up until today are still living in this reality of lack of connectivity, excess task work, inaccurate predictions, etc. just because they’re still using their legacy systems. There’s no need to remain in this scenario, when the technology for you is available today! With the right technology, and an implementation partner with experience, you can transition to an intelligent enterprise status, where interconnectivity, real-time access and insights, automation, and the ability to have the system grow with you is very much within your fingertips. If you’re ready to leave the legacy nightmare behind, contact us, and leave the scares for the haunted houses this Halloween! 

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