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Microsoft Excel is a wonderful product that among other things enables micro-businesses to keep their financial data organized as they tabulate operations with simple formulas. But just like in childhood when kids stand up against a measuring tape and the new height lines indicate growth, companies go through similar stretches where growing pains such as having more demand than the supply can accommodate signals the need for a better, more comprehensive software. Software that can automatically run a few of the tasks by itself. 

So why are so many small business owners scared of taking the plunge with innovation and still sticking to the spreadsheet life? Once you have months or maybe even years’ worth of data stored and sorted, and you’re used to a certain way of doing things, we understand it can seem pretty intimidating to go from a simple, manual program to a solution that can run automated tasks on its own and provide analytical insights and capabilities. It may seem like too much too quickly, but here are a few reasons that speak for themselves in how it’s never too early to make the switch to an ERP system and say goodbye to spreadsheet hell: 


Process integration and simplification

When you’re closing in on the end of the month/quarter/year, are you dreading the process of running the numbers and “guesstimating” changes to craft an effective strategy for the following cycle? And when you make adjustments to one spreadsheet or application, do you have to manually replicate it elsewhere so all your reports are consistent? The right ERP can do this automatically, especially where tasks are rule-based, leaving you and your employees more time to focus on other pressing matters including front-facing customer roles, etc. Innovation breeds simplification, and if you do a proper audit of all your existing processes and migrate everything under the umbrella of the right ERP, the change will be felt throughout the company immediately. When you take advantage of the right partner and Business Intelligence platform, you can even get real-time insights and predictive results that help you make informed decisions in real time. 


All hands easily on deck with cloud-based solutions

There’s absolutely no excuse in 2019 to not have a cloud-based solution that is accessible from any device, any place, in real time, etc. We’re also in the thick of a shift in the workplace when it comes to telecommuting or working remotely, and it’s imperative that whether someone is on a business trip or on vacation, if they want to get involved then they can. Our top-performing cloud-based solution also rolls out artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, etc. all of which turns stored data into decisive action. This is also one of the biggest growth drivers because of its focus on the future and both long and short-term decision making. 


The ERP that keeps on giving

A point many people fail to see is that as a company you’re relying on thousands or even millions of bytes of information. All of that information requires hardware with extensive maintenance requirements – hardware that will undoubtedly run obsolete at some point. The same goes for outdated software, much of which will begin sunsetting soon when products start leaning towards the subscription-style option, SaaS. 


Risk and compliance

How safe can your information really be if you’re working with a system that is not equipped to provide different levels of permission or deal with sensitive data in bulk? There are so many issues today with companies mishandling customer information, and if it’s being manually replicated, even worse. When you digitally transform your business and take that next step into innovation, your concerns about compliance and risk are basically non-existent. With the right partner, your enterprise software solution will undoubtedly provide the latest advances in data protection and security available. 

If you were to make a pros and cons list about migrating and transitioning to an ERP, there would be no contest. You can change your business processes in the blink of an eye, helping your company to reach the potential and goals it has set out, and beyond. At Sapphire Systems we take pride in bringing companies out of the darkness of spreadsheet hell, and helping them to see that there’s so much more to Enterprise Resource Planning software than accounting functionalities. Companies that welcome this approach have a much higher likelihood of making it through this decade, and excelling during the years to come. 

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