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Millennials, or Generation Y, are currently the generation that holds the highest purchasing power, the biggest space in the workplace, and the largest voting set around the world. It’s also the generation most talked about at the moment. Millennials are known as the “Internet Babies,” and the last demographic to have used analog technologies. Because of this, they’re not a true byproduct of the digital era - Generation Z is. 

Generation Z, or those born in the years between 1995 and 2010, are the true digital generation. They came into a world of personal computers, cellphones, internet, and many other democratized technologies. They live and breathe the world through digital-colored glasses, and many of those born towards the end of the range don’t even know what a floppy disk is. Much like that, are Born in the Cloud technologies. A fancy name for products that are mostly offered on a subscription basis (Software-as-a-Service), it’s a term that has been gaining traction among companies that want to be exclusively associated with a cloud portfolio. The focus of this piece will be on one born-in-the-cloud product specifically: SAP Business ByDesign


A Breakdown of SAP Business ByDesign

Looking at life through the eye of Generation Z, we want to take a deep dive into this product as if it were a YouTube unboxing video, or even a post from a channel that cuts products of all kinds apart to see what they’re made of

  • Speaking of unboxing, SAP Business ByDesign (or ByD for short) is widely considered to contain all the solutions you’ll need to run your business processes as a software suite in a box. Another word used to describe ByD is integrated. The centralization of all your processes and operations in one place is not just a buzzword, but something you should consider as a pre-requisite in your solution search. 
  • Much like Gen Z’ers looking for devices and technology that will grow with them, ByD is the perfect solution for small and midsize businesses that are looking for a software solution that is sustainable and will grow in parallel. In this capacity, you should look for features that are not just about a software being versatile enough for use at multiple growth phases, but that will actually stoke the company’s growth. ByD goes as far as you’d like, even helping you address overseas markets and integrate without borders.
  • In a world that runs on metrics, numbers, engagement and results, ByD has proven many times over why it’s the choice for businesses that want to leverage insights and have their strategies be completely data-driven. Some say that in this front, ByD is SAP’s best-kept secret
  • Generation Z is known for its constant need for innovation, and products or services that stagnate are likely to be left behind in the dust. There’s no need to worry when you acquire SAP ByD in its SaaS form, as it constantly updates its functionalities to feature the latest and greatest SAP software capabilities, ensuring you always manage a best-run business with their top-of-the-line technology, at no additional cost. 


Why Wait? 

Many Gen Z’ers that have grown up in the era of annual releases of newer and better technologies might make a case for why it’s better to wait for newer technologies to come to be. However, you don’t have to worry about that with SAP Business ByDesign. First, SAP is heavily investing in the longevity of the solution by adding more developers to focus solely on the growth of the solution’s capabilities. They plan to rework some of its architecture to ensure its seamless integration to other portfolio pieces, and the product roadmap clearly outlines extensions, adaptations, integrations and configurations, all of which are a series of actions that loudly say: ByD is ready for the long run. Get your latest insights today, and you’ll step into the innovations seamlessly as they’re released. 

If you’re interested in more information on born-in-the-cloud solutions and how they stack up against legacy products, or if you’re ready to reach new heights with SAP Business ByDesign and discover how it can unleash the power of this generation’s software capabilities, we’re here to help. Simply contact us to find out more.

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