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With SAP closing in on its 50th anniversary and becoming the worldwide leader in business management solutions that it is today, it’s not a surprise when people assume that SAP software can only serve big enterprises. Sure, many of SAP’s customers are giant multinationals, but what many people fail to see is how SAP and its partner ecosystem continue to heavily invest in the success of the small to mid-size business sector. One of the ways in which you can see SAP’s continued dedication to the success of the SMB line of products is by taking a closer look at SAP’s star solution for SMBs: SAP Business One. A veteran solution in the SAP portfolio, SAP has consistently improved upon its already stellar enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, and it will continue to do so for decades to come. SAP has a roadmap for what it envisions for Business One, and the fact that you can leverage the power of SAP HANA (their star performer and an incredible analytical database platform) on B1 says it all. 


Let’s Myth-Bust

Just as SAP’s next decade milestone approaches, so it does for Business One which closes in on 20 years of consistent development. Since launching to market back in 2003, SAP Business One has become one of the protagonists in SAP’s success story, with small and mid-sized enterprises always being in the spotlight for SAP. One of the biggest ways in which SAP makes B1 accessible to all is through its partner network. Through this, SAP empowers an entire ecosystem of partners around the world to not only resell but successfully implement the solution in the mainframe of companies across a number of industries. Why are we sharing all of this? Because there are a lot of misconceptions and myths around the solution, so we thought it was high time to shed light on it all.


Myth 1: SAP is only for big business 

As we shared earlier, yes, SAP counts many global companies among their customers, but it’s estimated that out of every ten customers SAP has, eight are small or mid-size companies. It’s a scalable solution that really has something for everyone – no matter the budget.

Myth 2: SAP Business One is a watered-down version of better software

B1 is not a “dumbed down” version of a product designed for large enterprises, it’s a purpose-built business management software product that incorporates SAP’s institutional knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate, designed for small and mid-sized businesses’ requirements. Plus, over 5,200 SAP Business One customers are running on SAP HANA. 

Myth 3: SAP is too big and global to provide care and good service to a small business

SAP understands that smaller businesses need to communicate with a vendor that is closer to them – physically and in size. That’s why SAP vets and authorizes Business One partners in order to guarantee that they know the product, understand compatibility requirements, and know how to leverage it for your specific business needs.

Myth 4: SAP Business One is too hard to manage and one-size-fits-all

The great thing about SAP Business One is that you will most likely acquire it through a local or regional vendor. They will be able to help you every step of the way leading up to and following implementation, and cater the process and functionality deployments to your needs. There are over 65,000 current SAP Business One customers, which means there are as many success stories, including 2,500 cases of subsidiaries of large enterprises. 

Myth 5: Business One has been superseded by newer technology

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise means adopting the latest and greatest in smart business technology to drive your enterprise forward. You’ll be glad to hear that SAP Business One utilizes cloud technology to enable business agility, while now also supporting cutting-edge machine learning, Internet of things and exciting new analytical capabilities. This intelligent suite represents a system that has grown with new technologies, and one that would be a wise investment for forward-thinking businesses.

When it comes to businesses finding a reliable enterprise resource planning solution within the SAP portfolio, size truly doesn’t matter. SAP is going on five decades of consistent and reliable innovations and has managed to build a solid network of partners and channels. Collaborations that have helped SAP to accomplish their purpose of helping businesses run better and to improve people’s lives. Beyond any geographical barriers, SAP counts on a huge ecosystem to reach as many businesses as possible, and we count ourselves honored to be a part of it. As an SAP partner and provider, our team of experts at Sapphire Systems is ready to help your small or mid-size business step into the next level of operational excellence and innovation with SAP solutions, all at a pace and structure that meets your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about how SAP’s Business One software can help your business get on track to become an intelligent enterprise, contact us.  

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