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IT leaders, Chief Information/Technology Officers and other executives in management positions in charge of a company’s technology endeavors have one of the most difficult tasks at hand. They’re tasked with understanding the importance of undergoing a digital transformation, leading the quest to becoming an intelligent enterprise, and getting everyone else in the business on board. The reason this tends to be a difficult duty is because usually every other party in the company has their own list of priorities, or doesn’t see the transformation potential and full extent of benefits. 


Everyone out for themselves 

In enterprises of any size, one of the biggest issues is the competition between departments to prioritize investments and make their individual cases for themselves. How does one get their voice heard in that type of setting? The truth is that if people don’t listen to the urgency of digitization and procrastinate on becoming an intelligent enterprise, business longevity is basically out of the question. Even though this should be enough of an incentive to get everyone on board, this premise might not do the trick on its own. To foster understanding amongst your colleagues and direct reports, here are some of the benefits of transformative technology that you can list as part of your campaign towards becoming an intelligent enterprise: 

1.    The digital transformation will be conducted in a centralized approach: many people are concerned that when companies digitize, many tend to do so in a step-by-step fashion, further creating or emphasizing the silos or separation of areas in the business. By approaching the situation with the goal of becoming an intelligent enterprise, the transformation must be done in a way that it affects all of the areas at once, and no one gets left behind.

2.    Embedded intelligent technologies throughout the company’s IT architecture: beyond talking about machine learning, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, etc. what if your coworkers and employees got to experience intelligent technology for themselves? This would be completely game changing for the company in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction (due to faster turnaround times) and the ability to leverage the technology for both internal and external-facing interactions. 

3.    Data becomes an asset: how many bytes of data does your company have? One of the biggest gripes companies have with digitization is deciding how to proceed with archiving and migrating the data, as well as how to make the most of it. With Business Intelligence (BI) systems that allow you to automatically translate raw data into meaningful information and extract value from it, this really is next-level intelligent technology. It’s all about being able to make the right decision at the right time, such as with leading BI solution SAP Analytics Cloud


Turning things around

The good news is that all eyes are currently on technology and innovation, so it’s now easier than ever for CIOs, CTOs, and all IT leaders to keep the conversation of intelligent enterprise at the forefront of the discussion. There are many reasons to get on board with becoming an intelligent enterprise, and literally zero reasons to delay it. In fact the faster you digitize, the easier it will be to embrace and leverage the further incoming waves of innovation. 

For the management teams that need some data to put things into perspective, you should share these numbers from an IDC study that reveals the following behaviors among best-run businesses: 

  • 61% create internal organizations and teams devoted to innovation
  • 78% say their company is very good at providing insights across the business
  • 73% use collaboration software
  • 65% use AI or machine learning

As an IT leader, the journey ahead may seem long and arduous in helping your company management understand the importance of investing in digitalization and getting on the path to becoming an intelligent enterprise. The good news? You don’t have to do it alone. At Sapphire Systems we have endless resources, case studies, and technology experts to help you navigate the journey to digitally transform your company into an intelligent enterprise. Contact us to get started!

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