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Currently, 86 percent of companies report that they’re not getting the most out of their data. The digital age has made information readily available. This phenomenon, however, has also contributed to a massive data clutter that many find difficult to sort through.

The good news is that technology has come to the rescue.

In fact, digital technology has launched a rapid revolution that’s changing the very essence of doing business.

ERP systems first came into existence to address the needs of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is increasingly becoming digital today, which has fueled the transformation of the standard ERP solutions. From cloud-based operations to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), ERPs have transcended the field and its range of applications has expanded significantly.

As tech solutions are becoming much more tailored to the needs of individual industry representatives, an intelligent enterprise is starting to emerge. 

Intelligence is in the very heart of today’s innovation and digital transformation. Machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and even blockchain technologies have sped up a process that started decades ago. The best aspect of this digital revolution is that it makes intelligent enterprise management solutions available to even the smallest industry representatives.

Intelligent Enterprise Defined

Leveraging data-driven insights provides companies with competitive advantage and levels out the playing field.

The concept of an intelligent enterprise is based on connectivity and seamless access to key information. Through the use of smart systems, companies become capable of prioritizing workflows, choosing the right solutions for the addressing of a specific problem (some of which have been suggested by the system itself), automating repetitive tasks and uncovering working patterns to maximize predictability and sustainability.

Modern ERP solutions are in the very essence of the intelligent enterprise transformation.

ERP systems are the ones that increase effectiveness and enable sustainable growth. Originally, however, there was some reluctance among SMEs in terms of adoption.

In the past, on-premise ERPs were excruciatingly expensive. Huge capital investment was required for the purchase and the management of ERP hardware and software.

Innovation has changed this aspect of ERP solution integration. Today, cloud-based systems and flexible solutions ensure cost-effectiveness, allowing SMEs to access and make the best use of such robust technology.

Digital, flexible and “smart,” ERP technologies are adapting to different industries. They provide insights, effective analysis of data and faster responsiveness to give SMEs a competitive advantage.

ERP – The Heart of the Transformation

ERP technology is driving the switch towards the intelligent enterprise in several ways.

Through the use of ERP technology, SMEs integrate the flow of information. Different business processes in the organization become interconnected, ensuring excellent accountability and even better productivity. The ERP database is not static – it constantly extracts new information from digital repositories. As a source of information is updated, the respective change is made in the database, giving everyone access to the latest and most reliable information.

ERP technology supports a dynamic process that gets modified each time the company grows or its needs change.

ERP technology enhances collaboration, decreases operational costs, delivers reliable business insights and simplifies key strategic decision-making processes.

Digital transformation is ongoing and the scope of the phenomenon is increasing. It drives new business models and works well for businesses across the board. Enterprise resource planning is a massive, exhaustive process, hence the digitalization of ERP has added even more fire to the creation of the future intelligent enterprise.

While ERP technology is already a key to sustainable growth and advanced decision making, there are still SMEs reluctant about making the technological switch.

More awareness is required for a faster transition and educational events can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of spreading the message.

Intelligent ERP: Fueling Your Growth and Innovation

Intelligent ERP: Fueling Your Growth and Innovation is an event hosted by Sapphire Systems on April 16, 2019 at SAP's offices in Hudson Yards New York City.

The event will start at 9:30am and over the course of a few hours, it will shed light on key developments like the emergence of the intelligent enterprise, how cloud-based solutions are making a difference, intelligent economy and how ERP solutions should be geared to it and effective implementation.

If you’re on the fence about the introduction of an ERP solution, this is the right event for you. Make a definitive first step towards the achievement of an intelligent enterprise.

For those in the New York City area, please join the seminar in person. We would love to meet you face-to-face and hear about where you are in your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. 

Not in the New York City area? No problem! We are live streaming the event so you don't have to miss out. Register now. 


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