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For many businesses, it seems that as soon as you’re up to speed with the latest technology, the world has already moved on to the next big thing. We’re all living and working in a dynamic, fast-paced digital economy, with technological innovation at the heart of almost everything we do. It is therefore paramount that businesses stay as far ahead of the game as possible if they’re to secure that all-important competitive advantage.

Where the last few years have been all about digital transformation and the application of technologies to solve complex business challenges we are now entering the era of Intelligent Enterprise, which capitalizes on a combination of emerging and established technologies. Find out exactly what makes up an Intelligent Enterprise, and how you too can benefit from being one.


So What is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent Enterprise is an umbrella term. It is used to describe the technology that goes into building a system of business software that automates the creation and management of data and business processes. This includes cloud technology, artificial intelligence, automated analytics, internet of things, big data, among others. The greater goal of these intelligent technologies is to help businesses make smarter decisions and spend fewer resources doing so.

Intelligent Enterprise unsurprisingly means intelligence. Although this is usually in the form of artificial intelligence, it always includes human intelligence. Because what would a business be without a human touch? In an Intelligent Enterprise, a group of systems utilizing artificial intelligence gather data from across your business and systematically store it within cloud-based data warehouses. By sorting incredible amounts of data and storing it off-site using the cloud, this data can be accessed at a moments notice.

This means unrivaled speed and effectively instantaneous access - which makes the process of analyzing data much quicker. By automating the curation of your business data, you are able to build dashboards that deliver at-a-glance oversights of your business and provide insights based on current data. This can then be used to immediately react to changes within your market and keep the business on its toes.


What are the benefits of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise?

The overarching benefit of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is the ability to stay at least one step ahead not only of the competition but of customers too. Optimized processes and procedures mean businesses can stay proactive in a world full of disruption. But what does this actually mean and what are the benefits that underpin this ability to stay ahead?


1. Increased workforce engagement

At the heart of the Intelligent Enterprise lies engaged employees. With automation eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, your workforce is freed up to focus on more value-added activities such as strategic planning and innovation. Personalized dashboards and automated workflows enhance the employee experience further still and make your workplace a more attractive space to work. As the market continue to change rapidly your workforce will need new skills, and having the latest technologies at your disposal will make it easier to find and hire the best of this new talent.


2. End-to-end customer experience

Our digital economy has produced customers with higher expectations than ever before. Customers now expect intuitive service and solutions, alongside a smooth, seamless customer experience. Intelligent Enterprises provide this as standard, with the ability to accurately predict demand in combination with the capability to successfully fulfill this demand. All this means delivering a consistent customer service excellence every single time.


3. Productivity enhancement

Intelligent Enterprises can adapt faster to changes, easily harnessing data-driven business processes to pursue new growth and revenue opportunities. The ability to operate with increased visibility not only across the business but across the wider supply chain helps to best direct resources where they’re needed most. Intelligent programs allow businesses to simulate potential scenarios to help focus the right resources into the right areas of the business. It’s this increase in operational efficiency and effectiveness that leads to considerable cost savings. Cost savings that can be used to fund further vital innovation.


4. Maximize the value of data assets

The application of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things enables the Intelligent Enterprise to maximize the value of its data assets and the insights that it derives. There are no more data silos and data handling is all automated, meaning an optimum level of actionable insight is par for the course. This enables the organization to operate with total visibility and transparency at all times.


5. Disrupt the disruption

The ability of the Intelligent Enterprise to embrace flexibility and agility means it can respond rapidly to change, however major. Intelligent Enterprises have the tools at their disposal to become the disruptors, outmaneuvering competitors, customers and potentially markets too. These businesses are putting themselves at the forefront of innovation, pursuing new business opportunities with ease, and leading the way for others to follow.


Look out for the next in our blog series, where we ask why moving to become an Intelligent Enterprise is the next logical step in your digital transformation evolution.

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