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Why is data playing such an important role in corporate development today?

The reason is simple – companies are working harder than ever to understand their customers and offer tailored solutions to individual needs. Gone are the days of generic marketing. Today, one-on-one interactions and intelligence-based communication are the keys to establishing long-lasting solutions with satisfied clients.

As more and more data is becoming available, companies are starting to struggle under the burden of analyzing the large volumes of it, while making use of insights coming from so many disparate sources.

Hence, data integration has emerged as a main priority. Duplicate, conflicting, misplaced or obsolete data can wreak havoc organization-wise. The steady flow of intelligence will be hampered, contributing to productivity losses, reliance on outdated intelligence or downright mistakes that can end up costing the organization a lot.

Achieving integration of all data, from all sources and all structures across the enterprise, used to be a major challenge. Today, technological solutions have simplified the process and allowed for the automation of not just data integration, but also complicated analysis processes.

Innovative developments like artificial intelligence solutions enable predictive analytics, the uncovering of new relationships in existing data, intelligent forecasting and accuracy in terms of in-depth insights. These functionalities, combined with accessing all of the data-related tools in one solution, allow for better communication, management and even decision-making. A solution like the SAP Analytics Cloud takes data analysis, processing and forecasting to the next level.

SAP Analytics Cloud: Key Features

SAP Analytics Cloud is a unified business intelligence solution that can address most of the challenges related to processing and integrating a large volume of data from different departments/structures.

The native cloud platform provides a vast array of tools required to analyze, predict, collaborate and achieve a comprehensive view of the business. Access to all data and analytics can be embedded directly into business processes, allowing the seamless integration of information from multiple sources and the provision of personalized intelligence reports.

A number of key SAP Analytics Cloud features can be utilized to expand data management capabilities and overcome the struggles that often stand in the way of effective communication or information analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Advanced machine learning and predictive technologies power SAP Analytics Cloud and allow for the automatic delivery of insights. Artificial intelligence allows for better long-term planning, in combination with a cloud offering that meets global compliance standards.

Through the use of guided analysis, companies can discover trends and base forecasts on the crucial KPIs for the organization. The predictive analytics functionality maximizes visibility and transparency, enabling data-based decision making, accurate forecasting and automation of repetitive data preparation workflows.

Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud is a unified decision-making system. It grants access to real-time analytics and collaborative business planning.

The solution provides hybrid data access to critical information resources. With mobile capabilities, data becomes instantly available regardless of location or the volume of information that has to be processed. Through the unification of business intelligence with predictive analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud simplifies the extraction of accurate reports that can improve decision making.

Effortless collaboration, insightful data visualization, embedded analytics and built-in protected social sharing tools give managers, executives and stakeholders a full understanding of the business at any given moment in time. 

Collaborative Enterprise Planning

Through the platform, enterprise planning is simplified and enhanced. Financial management tools, integrated workflows and continuous collaboration empower advances through data-driven planning models.

SAP Analytics Cloud gives executives the opportunity to plan, predict, report and modify strategies within the same tool. Through the use of an integrated solution, decision making becomes faster, smarter and grounded in reliable data.

Separate reporting and planning is already a thing of the past. Collaborative enterprise planning ensures transparency in all processes and a simplified planning process.

In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud protects sensitive data by enabling the assignment of unique permission levels. The risk of data breaches are reduced massively, while everyone with the respective level of authority is given the right access to data required to work towards strategic growth

Effortless Access to Data: Driving the Future Business Growth

As more and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of business intelligence, the market is anticipated to continue growing at a rapid pace.

It’s crucial for businesses planning their long-term processes for 2020 and beyond to leverage key data and base important decisions on the proper analysis of such valuable information. Data streams from the past and the present can work together to help managers identify patterns and overcome hindrances.

The SAP Analytics cloud leverages smart technologies, integrative solutions and effective collaboration tools to help businesses reach the next digital transformation level. Learn more about the solution today by downloading the brochure, or contact us to schedule a live demonstration. 

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