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From no business management systems installed, Flightweight now have a fully implemented SAP Business One solution to manage the immediate needs of the business and support future growth.

Configurable, easy to use interface

Remote access with Sapphire Anywhere cloud-based platform

Scope for growth with the business


Flightweight had no business management system installed and needed a solution that would not only work for them now, but had the potential to develop with the company in the future.  


SAP Business One 


Flightweight, a brand new start-up wholly owned by the WRASP Group Ltd, engineer specialist products for airlines and their service companies. The organisation offers bespoke, customisable products and the latest cutting edge material to produce lightweight carts and electronic security systems that help airlines save money, combat theft and damage, and improve health and safety.  

As a new company, the team at Flightweight were starting from scratch in terms of selecting and implementing a back-office solution. As the company sells their products to the airline industry, with potential clients in America, Europe and across the globe, it was important that the chosen software came from a company that understood these international requirements. 

John Brogan, Head of IT and Logistics, began researching a number of different systems, but it was SAP Business One that he thought would best suit the business long term. 

“We were looking for a system that was going to be robust enough for sales order processing, and where we could get multi-user access around the globe. With us being a new company, the remit changed. We also realised one of our companies was going to be doing production, so we started adding in production elements as well. SAP Business One appeared to offer the most scope for growth and expansion, and would be a sound long term investment,” he said.  

Benefits of SAP Business One 

Currently Flightweight is utilising SAP Business One primarily only as a financial system, but John says everything is running smoothly so far, and it is comforting to know the scope is there for growth. Another benefit is the decision to implement the system on Sapphire’s cloud platform, Sapphire Anywhere.  

“We have no network infrastructure anywhere so we just use the cloud-based access. We are situated all over the place, we have offices in Wrexham and Harlow, but most of us work from home as well. So to be able to access the system anywhere without the overhead of managing infrastructure is certainly beneficial to us. 

“The product is internationally recognised and it’s easy to use; anyone familiar with working on a financial system would be able to use SAP Business One relatively easily. It encompasses a variety of reporting we needed, and on the financial side it is more or less out of the box, although it is configurable to a customer’s needs if required.”  

John also said that because the solution is internationally recognised, the company is confident any future integrations with other external systems should be relatively straightforward.

Why Sapphire

After an internet search, John reached out to around a dozen companies that he thought may be able to help Flightweight with their system requirements.  

“There was a disappointing response from some of the other companies I reached out to, but Sapphire was one of the more enthusiastic responders. I received a call back from a member of the sales team and just from that initial contact I could tell this was a guy who knew exactly what he was talking about and was keen to engage with us and actually learn more about our business.  

“Generally the experience has been very good; the account management and their communication with us is great. I would recommend Sapphire for their willingness to listen and adapt to the customer’s needs and because they respond enthusiastically.” 

John concluded with some advice for other organisations considering implementing a new system: “It’s important to look for a system that suits your business now and in the future and is sensible for your budget. When we chose SAP Business One it was probably a more expensive option than we needed at this stage, but as a long term investment it was the best solution.”

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