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Medreich Plc was looking for a system to manage inventory, improve reporting and other business processes. The functionality of SAP Business One has provided the business with an end-to-end solution to accommodate company growth.

Time savings managing production and inventory

Improved reporting and access to higher quality information

Accommodate company growth and development

End-to-end business solution


Medreich Plc was looking to implement a more comprehensive software system to manage stock and improve reporting and other business processes.


SAP Business One


The Medreich Group, of which Medreich Plc is a part, is a renowned pharmaceutical company with an established presence across the globe. With more than 2000 employees worldwide, Medreich has built a reputation for raising the bar on product quality while maintaining high standards of service levels. The company offers deep insights in the pharmaceutical domain via a blend of manufacturing, research and development and documentation services.

Medreich Plc is a leading pharmaceutical company that has undergone significant expansion in recent years.

While Sage was initially being utilized to mange the company’s business processes, a more sophisticated system was required once Medreich began managing stock locally.

SAP Business One was identified as a viable fit for the company, both in terms of functionality and the positive reputation of the brand in the marketplace.

Additionally, Medreich’s parent company was set to installl SAP’s larger All-in-One product, so it seemed a logical choice to be able to easily integrate with this product and streamline reporting.

Several years after implementation, and having lost confidence in the service provided by its original partner, the company was looking for a new partner to assist with the integration of a warehouse management system.

Medreich’s Chief Finance Officer, Ian Jones, said he first diskovered Sapphire while searching for potential partners online.

“Sapphire seemed to have a good reputation in the market, and after initial discussions and reading testimonials from other companies we had enough reasons to choose Sapphire,” said Ian.

According to Ian there are a number of benefits associated with the system, and Medreich is continually developing the product as the company’s needs change.

“SAP Business One is a robust system renowned throughout the world, and the primary benefit is it can grow with our business; we won’t have to worry about updating systems in one or two years as soon as there’s any change in direction. The system’s ability to integrate with all these other add-ons and tools offers you that longevity.

“When we initially purchased SAP Business One it was primarily just for stock management, but that’s grown to complete warehouse management integration, production integration, banking integration for payment runs and more. So as the company’s grown over the last five years SAP Business One has grown with us; it’s always able to accommodate different challenges.

“The next stage is to implement a third party logistics module to manage our ability to store stock in a third party warehouse, and again SAP Business One will accommodate that growth,” Ian said.

With a capacity to produce around 500 products, Medreich also utilizes the system to manage its developing stock and production models.

“SAP Business One saves us time as it is much easier to manage stock levels, and reporting has improved. It’s easier to access quality information and the UK and India offices use common SAP codes in order to improve global reporting on product performance.

“Now we’re responsible for physically taking various components and producing final products from these components, so we use the SAP Business One warehouse management system to interface with the production module within SAP Business One.

“We also utilize the batch management tool, which is key in the pharmaceutical industry as it provides a comprehensive audit trail of every batch that is bought, produced and sold by the company. Our warehouse management system also integrates with SAP Business One to control the status of all stock between quarantined and released status,” Ian said.

In terms of working with Sapphire, Ian said he can’t find a reason not to recommend the team.

“We have installled various add-ons with Sapphire over the years, and all have been introduced without issues; the team’s attention to detail ensures everything runs smoothly. “The service levels are good, but I look at it as a case of ‘no news is good news’ – it’s a good thing if we are not always contacting Sapphire with issues, but we know should there be any we can get them resolved quickly,” he said.

In terms of offering advice for other companies, Ian said it’s all about planning any new implementation with the service provider and getting the right balance in terms of user training and the timing of implementation.

“Another key factor is being clear about what you are trying to achieve with any implementation, it is easy to installl something but then subsequently question why the system is not doing what you actually require it to do.

“This is where the project definition document plays a key role in ensuring all parties know what the objective and plan is from the outset,” Ian concluded.

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