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What are managed cloud services?

Sapphire Anywhere Cloud is our enterprise-class management service. Public and private cloud platforms offer enormous opportunity in terms of flexibility and scaling, making it easy to upsize/downsize depending on your changing requirements.

Our own tier-3 data centers provide reliable service and security, with multiple backups spread across our network to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Sapphire’s managed cloud services come in different shapes and sizes depending on the scale and needs of your business. However, they typically range from:

Watch our video to find out how businesses have been able to benefit from cloud technology.

What are the benefits of our managed cloud services?

One of the greatest benefits gained by businesses outsourcing their managed cloud services is the reduction to costs and resources needed to maintain a cloud environment. By delegating the management of cloud services, businesses are able to spend more time focusing on business growth and less time on server upkeep.

Disaster management and data recuperation strategies are incredibly important if a disaster strikes. Managed cloud services ensure data is secure across all systems and cloud services. With multiple backups hosted within the cloud, businesses are able to continue with very little downtime - even if a major disaster occurs. Maintenance and updates of hardware and cloud software ensure you’re running with the latest cloud capabilities.

Continuity and recovery

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