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Sapphire is excited to be introducing a new service called ‘On-Demand Service’

This is an opportunity to purchase bundles of consulting hours at a reduced rate for those small tasks that you need completing within your system. For example have you changed your address, your company name, your logo? Using our team we can quickly and easily assist you with updating your system and/or integrations by calling off the hours from your bundle.

Examples Where We Can Help

  • Reconciliation exercises (e.g. when ledger revaluation or reports don’t deliver expected results)

  • Business Unit Refresh

  • Data Migration Assistance

  • Client installations

  • System Training e.g. Fixed Assets and VAT reporting

  • SQL and HANA reporting

  • Deployment of addons – new and upgrades

  • Database Maintenance – Backups, Restores, Changes, Deletions etc

  • B1UP configuration/validations

  • Payment reversal

  • Help with Business Rules

  • Change of bank details – Assistance with updating remittances, form layouts etc

  • User permissions amendment/guidance for System Administrators

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